Simplex 4098-9602
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Model: 4098-9602 (photoelectric smoke detector/electronic heat detector)

Operating Voltage: 15-32 VDC

Notes: LED flashes once every 4 seconds to indicate operation, and remains on steady during an alarm condition. Detector also allows for magnetic testing and remote LED indicator. Detector is two separate pieces (head and base). Base is model # 4098-9788. Detector is non-addressable. This detector (addressable or not) is very often called the “TrueAlarm”. This particular model has a built-in electronic thermal detector that was cause the detector to initiate an alarm at either a fixed temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit or when the sensor detects the temperature has risen at a rate of 20 degrees per minute (often referred to as “Rate-of-Rise”), however the rate-of-rise feature is only operable when the environmental temperature is 90 degrees or higher

Quantity in collection: Head: 3
                                                   Base 10

Media: None yet...

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