Simplex 4098-9733
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Model: 4098-9733 (electronic heat detector)

Operating Voltage: 24-40 VDC

Notes: This is an addressable heat detector, more specifically a heat sensor. The difference between the two is that a detector is used on non-addressable systems and detects conditions and decides whether or not to initiate an alarm. A sensor is used on an addressable system and simply detects air conditions and reports the data back to the control panel and it is the control panel’s decision as to whether or not to initiate an alarm by comparing the data levels reported to the normal levels programmed into the control panel. The base seen pictured is model # 4098-9792, and contains the address switch for the device. This sensor head is also compatible with other bases, including bases for remote relays, bases with built-in sounders, and bases that are able to detect levels of carbon monoxide. The LED on the base blinks whenever the device is polled by the control panel and illuminates steady during an alarm or trouble condition. If during a trouble condition another detector goes into alarm mode, the LED will go from steady to blinking mode to help identify the detector that caused the alarm. The device can be tested by holding a magnet up to the LED on the base. This sensor and base are only compatible with addressable Simplex control panels.

Quantity in collection: Head: 1
                                      Base 5

Media: None

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