Simplex 4606-9101
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Model: 4606-9101

Operating Voltage: 24 VDC

Notes: This is a remote LCD annunciator. This particular model was initially designed to work with the Simplex 4010, but is now also compatible with the Simplex 4006 and 4008 fire alarm systems. Annunciators allow for limited control functions at a different location from where the main control panel is located. The controls functions of this annunciator only function when the key switch is in the “enable” position. The three LEDs on the right side of the annunciator are color-customizable: the top two can be yellow or red and the bottom one can be yellow or green. They can be used to indicate a variety of functions. This particular design has recently been abandoned and a modified version of the
4603-9101 has taken its place instead.

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