Simplex 4904-9333
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Model: 4904-9333

Operating Voltage: 16-33 VDC

Strobe Intensity: 110 cd

Notes: This strobe is “SmartSync”. It is specially designed to be on a synchronized notification appliance circuit. When a sync module is applied, or the signal is installed on a smartsync circuit provided by the control panel, the strobes wait for a brief interruption of current before flashing. If they don’t receive the interruption, the strobes won’t flash, no matter how long power is applied. Also, unlike my -9332 strobe, this strobe is a QuickAlert! When the TrueAlert series came out (around 2000), “QuickAlerts” were non-addressable TrueAlerts. About a year later, the QuickAlert name was dropped, and everything became either addressable, or non-addressable TrueAlert.

Quantity in collection: 1

Media: Vid 1, Vid 2.

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