Simplex 4905-9938
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Model: 4905-9938

Operating Voltage: 16-31 VDC

Notes: This is a SmartSync module (SCM). This device helps to code and synchronize Simplex’s newer signals, in particular the TrueAlert series, but this device can also work with the SmartSync strobes of the 4903/4904 series. This particular device is wired in conjunction with control panels whose notification appliance circuits (NACs) do not offer a SmartSync feature. The control panel’s NAC(s) are wired to the module to provide power and the module combines the NACs to create a single 2-wire SmartSync circuit to power the signals. Using the first two DIP switches seen in picture 3, one can program the audible output for either temporal coding, march time coding (60 beats per minute - .5 sec on/off), or continuous tone. Switch 3 is not used and switch 4 simply determines whether or not the SCM is controlled by another SCM or if it is the master controller. Up to 8 of these can be interconnected to operate in unison. Regardless of what audible coding option is chosen, the strobe lights will always flash at a 1hz rate (one flash per second). Also, the SCM allows for silencing of the audibles while continuing to allow the strobes to flash, all over the same 2-wire pair.

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