Simplex Coded Pull Station
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Model: Unknown

Notes: This is an old coded pull station. Before addressable pull stations came out, coded pull stations were used. They were wired in conjunction with either a system or the signals. Whenever the pull was activated, instead of the handle locking down, it’d pop back up, and the gears inside it would turn a “code wheel” which would pulse out the code of the pull station. In this particular one’s case, the code is 4-2-1. So, when the pull was activated, it’d pulse out 4-2-1 to the signals (i.e., 4 pulses, pause, 2 pulses, pause, 1 pulse), and then the appropriate building personnel would look up the code # to figure out where in the building the pull station is located, and then search for anything dangerous in that area. This pull station only transmits 4 rounds before automatically stopping. And as said, addressable systems have since replaced this method with the ability to send the address to the panel and show customized display location, as well as keep the NAC pattern the same for all activations.

When I got this pull station, it was originally a normally-closed contact pull station (the code wheel separated the contacts, instead of tapping them together). Also, the back portion of this station was never received, thus, I do not not the model #.

Quantity in collection: 1

Media: Video: the pull station itself, with the IBM RVF-4015-6A, with my Simplex 4001 fire alarm system.
           Audio: with the Simplex 2901-9002 bell.

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