Sound Clips

This site isn’t all pictures. There’s sound clips and vids too! While there’s no vids on this page in particular, this page is just about nothing but sound clips. These are sound clips from the Mechanicville Middle, High, and Elementary schools.

One thing to note: The Elementary School fire alarm heard in the clip is no longer what is used. In 2003, the old Elementary School was closed down in favor of a brand new Elementary school, built much closer to the MS and HS. The system there now consists of an Edwards EST 3 with dual-action pulls, and Wheelock NS horn/strobes and RSS
remote strobes

With that set aside, enjoy the clips!


High School
Simplex System


Old Elementary School
Fire Alarm System


Middle School
Simplex System


New Edwards Fire Alarm System

Click here for a simulation of the HS Simplex system activating with the Edwards system!

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