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This section details the fire alarms that were in my Middle School (MS) and High School (HS). The reason why it covers both schools is because the MS and HS are in one building, just in different sections. The school has two systems - a Simplex 4002 and an Edwards EST 3. Both systems are wired to trip each other should one happen to go in alarm. The 4002 was the original system installed, but in 2002, the school was added onto and the 4002 did not have enough space on it to accommodate the new building space, so a second system, the EST 3, was installed. Signals in both systems are bell/strobes. The Simplex system has the signals ringing in march-time, while the Edwards has the signals ringing continuously. The Edwards system is also programmed for “audible silence”, where once the system is silenced, the bells will stop ringing, however, the strobes will remain flashing until the system is reset. The Edwards system also has the strobes synchronized. Finally, the Simplex system is conventional while the Edwards system is addressable. With that said, on with the pics! They’re arranged by system, with the Simplex on the left and the Edwards on the right.


Simplex 4002


Simplex Remote Annunciator (4602-9202 w/ 4602-9101)

Edwards_FACP_Modified Edwards_FACP_Door_Modified

Edwards EST 3


Edwards Remote Annunciator

These are the systems and their remote annunciators.


Middle School Simplex Pull Stations (2099-9756)


Old High School Simplex Pulls (4251-113 Chevron)


High School Simplex Pull Stations (4251-20)


Edwards Pull Stations (SIGA-278)

These are the pull stations.


Middle School Simplex Smoke Detectors

High School Simplex Smoke Detectors


Replacement Smoke Detectors (4098-9788 base w/ 4098-9601 head)


Edwards Smoke Detectors (SIGA-PS head w/ SIGA-BS base)

These are the smoke detectors. On the Simplex side, the detectors are slowly becoming defective one by one, and are being replaced with the “Replacement Smoke Detectors”.


Middle School Simplex Bell/Strobe (2901-9333 10” vibrating bell w/ 4903-9101 retrofit plate)

High School Simplex Bell/Strobe (2901-9332 6” vibrating bell w/ 4905-9921 retrofit plate w/
4904-9139 strobe)


High School Simplex Remote Strobe (4904-9137)

Simplex Outdoor Remote Bell (2901-9333)


Edwards Bell/Strobe (Wheelock
MB-G10-24 10” motor bell w/ Wheelock RSSP-24MCW retrofit plate)


Edwards Remote Strobe (Wheelock RSS-24MCW)

And finally, these are the alarm signals installed. The high school Simplex remote strobes are only installed in restrooms (all in all, there are six installed). There are currently two outdoor bells. There used to be four, but when they added the new addition onto the building in 2002, they removed two of them in the process (one didn’t even have its gong attached).


There you have it!

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