Wheelock DSM-12/24
Wheelock_DSM-12_24_1 Wheelock_DSM-12_24_2 Wheelock_DSM-12_24_Label

Model: DSM-12/24

Operating Voltage: 16-31 VDC

Notes: This is a sync module which helps to synchronize Wheelock signals. This particular device is wired in conjunction with control panels whose notification appliance circuits (NACs) do not offer a synchronization feature. The control panel’s NAC(s) are wired to the module to provide power and the module combines the NACs to create a single 2-wire circuit to power the signals, in particular, allowing for the synchronization of strobe lights and horns as well a seperate control of audibles (i.e., silencing audibles while strobes remain flashing). The strobe lights will always flash at a 1hz rate (one flash per second) and up to 20 sync modules can be wired in conjunction with each other.

Quantity in collection: 1

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