Wheelock MT-24-WM
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Model: MT-24-WM

Operating Voltage: 20-31 VDC

Strobe Intensity: 117 cd (78 cd at -35C)

Notes: Makes 8 different tones: Horn, Code-3 Horn, March-Time Horn, Code-3 Tone, Hi/Lo, Slow Whoop, Siren, and Bell (vibrating). Different combinations of the positions of the last three DIP switches on the back of the signal (seen in picture 4) determine the tone that sounds. The first switch determines the volume output of the alarm (high or standard). Note in picture 5 the label saying not to use the signal indoors. When the ADA first came out and other models’ strobes were non-compliant, signals with this type of strobe were briefly used indoors until Wheelock started producing strobes to better meet the standards of the ADA. Once more efficient strobe models were released, this model became used as an outdoor signal. This signal was redesigned in 2002 to accommodate a horizontal strobe. Also, note the Simplex model # ID in picture 6. Simplex often used Wheelock signals in their installations, especially weatherproof signals, since up until recently, Simplex did not manufacture its own brand of weatherproof signals, so they often purchased signals from Wheelock and branded them with their own product ID.

Quantity in collection: 1

Media: Audio: Horn, Bell, March Time Horn, Code-3 Horn, Code-3 Tone, Slow Whoop, Siren, Hi-Lo.
           Videos: Strobe Only.

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