Wheelock SA-70S-LSM-24
Wheelock_SA-70S-LSM-24_1 Wheelock_SA-70S-LSM-24_2 Wheelock_SA-70S-LSM-24_3
Wheelock_SA-70S-LSM-24_4 Wheelock_SA-70S-LSM-24_5 Wheelock_SA-70S-LSM-24_Label

Model: SA-70S-LSM-24

Operating Voltage: Strobe: 24 VDC
                               Speaker: .5 VRMS + 24 VDC

Strobe Intensity: 15/75 cd

Notes: Signal is unique from most speakers and speaker/strobes because it provides it’s own amplification feature (hence, “SA” in the model name stands for “Self Amplification”). What is needed in order to make the speaker operate is a 24 VDC current to power the amplifier and a .5 VRMS audio input. All that is needed to power the strobe is the regular 24 VDC current input. The method used to set the volume is the blue DIP switch seen in the picture above. Using switches 1 and 2, you can select from one of three sound levels. Sound level 1 has a rating of 91 dBA, sound level 2 has a rating of 88 dBA, and sound level 3 has a rating of 85 dBA. Swithches 3 and 4 have no function with this signal.

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