Wheelock AS-241575
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Model: AS-241575

Operating Voltage: 18-31 VDC/VRMS

Strobe Intensity: 15/75 cd

Notes: This is a first generation AS horn/strobe. The first generation of AS signals has a vertical strobe for models with 15, 15/75, 30, and 75 candela strobes while 110 candela signals had a horizontal strobe. Audible allows for a choice of one of three volume levels (as seen in picture 7). When regular power is applied, the signal only produces a continuous tone, but when used in conjunction with a Wheelock sync module, the horn automatically produces the code-3 temporal pattern and allows for the horn to be silenced while maintaining strobe operation. Around 1998, the signal was redesigned so that all models had a horizontal strobe regardless of the strobe candela rating and an option was added for choice of either continuous or code-3 tone for the horn without the need of a sync module.

Quantity in collection: 1

Media: Video: Continuous, Code-3.

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